2019 Spending Guidelines

The updated spending guidelines for 2019 are now available for SFS members to view.

To ensure the real value of the expenditure figures is maintained over time, the Standard Financial Statement (SFS) spending guidelines are updated annually to reflect changes to expenditure patterns. This is based on data taken from the annual ONS Food and Living Costs survey and any significant fluctuations in the Consumer Price Index.

Previously the updated spending guidelines have been released to members on 1 October with a 2-calendar month transition period to ensure they are using the up-to-date figures. Moving forwards we are adopting a new approach. with the move to the new figures occurring on the first Monday of April each year - for 2019 this will be Monday 1 April.

Setting a fixed date for the change helps ensure consistency and avoids confusion, reducing the possibility of different organisations using different figures during the implementation period. The chosen date also aligns the implementation of the new spending guidelines with benefits rate changes as well as addressing statutory solutions’ need for a set date to make the change.

SFS users will still have a minimum notice period of 2 months ahead of the change each year. The 2019 figures are now available on the SFS site and can be accessed via the button below.

These should be used from 1 April and not before - please continue to use the 2018 figures until then.

The 2019 spending guidelines can be found here.