Dyslexia friendly version of the SFS Excel now available

In line with several recent requests a dyslexia friendly version of the SFS Excel has been created to ensure this tool is more accessible. An updated version of the standard SFS Excel tool is also now available. 

Following recent feedback regarding some users reporting difficulties using the current version a dyslexia friendly version has been created. This version mirrors the SFS structure and format with the below exceptions: 

1) The background has been changed to soft yellow with a slightly darker shade being used for certain input boxes to differentiate them where needed.

2) The output tabs (both the SFS and detailed statement) have been left in white due to the preference that when printed or sent out they are the standard formatting. 

The SFS team has also been working through a few other small issues users have reported with the SFS Excel tool. Therefore, along with the Dyslexia Friendly SFS Excel (which also includes all other updates), a newer version of the standard SFS Excel is also now available. Both can be found here.