Spending guidelines for 2018

The updated spending guidelines for 2018 are now available to SFS members.

The spending guidelines have been updated for 2018 and approved by the SFS Governance Group.

The figures are now available to view, though you will need to use your membership login details to access them.

View SFS spending guidelines for 2018

The spending guidelines will come into use from 1 March 2018. SFS users are given a two-month window to implement the updated figures, meaning organisations should have made the switch no later than 1 May 2018.

Visit the spending guidelines methodology section for more detail on how the guideline figures are produced.

Members can also download the SFS Excel tool which has been updated with the new spending guidelines.

Update to the SFS format

Based on feedback from users of the SFS, the Governance Group has approved some minor amends to the format of the SFS.

The amends have been made to the summarised two-page financial statement format. There is no change to the more detailed ‘SFS Data Entry format’.

Visit the page below to download the new format and read an overview of the amends.

Amended SFS format for 2018

As the changes to the SFS format are considered minor, with the underlying Data Entry structure unchanged, the amended format should be implemented by users in the same period as the spending guidelines – 1 March – 1 May 2018.

Support for implementing the new format

To aid organisations implementing the SFS for the first time or updating to the amended format, MAS has created a SFS Developer Toolkit.

This may avoid development teams having to code the SFS outputs themselves, and enable any future changes to the SFS format to be implemented simply by using the updated SFS Developer Toolkit.

Access the SFS Developer Toolkit

For any queries relating to the new spending guidelines, updated format or developer toolkit please Contact Us.