Download the SFS customer version

SFS members can now access a format designed to help the public complete their income and expenditure information.

Since launching the Standard Financial Statement in March 2017, the Money Advice Service has received feedback from advice providers and creditors that an additional version of the SFS designed to aid clients in accurately completing their own income and expenditure information would be a useful resource.

In response, MAS has developed ‘customer version’ formats of the SFS.

These formats mirror the SFS structure, but provide additional information, support and examples to assist over-indebted people in completing the information themselves.

This may be of use for advice providers who ask clients to complete as much of their budget information as possible ahead of an advice session.

It may also be of use to creditor organisations who issue budget forms to customers identified as over-indebted, ahead of further contact and support.

For more information and to download the formats, visit the SFS customer version page (You will need you SFS membership to view this page).